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For dealers

We work with dealers who can develop and distribute Genesis-Aqua products. The distribution channel through the dealership is profitable, because it does not require significant investments of the dealers themselves. The dealer distributes the goods of the company in any way convenient for him.

We have special conditions for dealers and wholesale buyers, very favorable prices for dealers and favorable prices for wholesale buyers. In total, they will be pleased with both the partnership and the quality.
It is important for the company to efficiently build a network of dealers and ensure its development.

Pros for our dealers:

  1. Advantages and uniqueness of the goods.
  2. Dealer discount size.
  3. Design and approval of points of sale of products.
  4. Logistics of goods receipt.
  5. The presence of the possibility of deferring payment.
  6. Fulfillment of the obligations stipulated by the guarantee.
  7. Carrying out various marketing promotions, celebrations, etc., in conjunction with our company.