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Towel dryers
Radiators and batteries
Any color for replacement

In order for our towel rails to be able to decorate any room, we offer a huge selection of colors. We have red and white, black and gray, graphite and acid-bright shades. Any color according to RAL is not a problem for us. After all, we do the painting ourselves and guarantee its impeccable quality.

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Genesis Aqua – for high satisfactory for our clients.

We understand in fact, how it is important, that our products meet customer requirements. Our team works exceptionally safety, processing ecofriendly and safe materials. We work by the international standards of ISO 9001. Also we own the certificate of UkrSEPRO, therefor all towel rails answer strict requirements and regulations.

Conditionally it is possible to divide our towel rails on 3 main kinds: aquatic, combined and electric. It depends on the type of heater element. You need to choose one that will only suit in your bathroom.

Heating system

I’m overcoming designer radiators вс those that are all models are being designed and run with the help of the rest of the world.

Quality materials

Perfect appearance, durability and safety are achieved only through the use of high quality materials.

Our works


Обслуживанием заказа доволен; пользуюсь изделием около месяца; + цена/дизайн/практичность - не обнаружил


Пользуюс сушкой порядка 4 месяцев, не обошел стороной, оставить свои эмоции. Новье конечно в глаза сразу бросилось, оригинальный исполнение лесенки...


Обслуживанием заказа доволен; пользуюсь изделием около месяца;


Все прошло быстро, чётко. Качество на высоте. Индивидуальный заказ -сделали все хорошо, хотя согласовывали через Вайбер.


Заказала у ребят Полотенцесушитель Snake черный 1200х530 , цена порадовала аналоги гораздо дороже, отправили по Новой почте, получила все хорошо,...


Посоветовали знакомые, приятно было иметь с вами дело))
Our advantages
  1. Universal products
  2. Interesting Design Solutions
  3. High quality materials
  4. Maximum comfort
  5. Any color choices
  6. Full Product Warranty
Official warranty
5 years

The goods are always in storage of our company. For accomplishment of individual orders it is matter of time for only few days. We always carry out individual orders as fast as possible, at the maximum compressed terms, in a difference from delivered by other companies from Europe in the flow of month or even more.

We take into account all requirements and customer wishes, cooperating together with consumers, identifying the taste and caring of their safety, we offer top-of-the-line towel rails. We give guarantee on our products for 5 years, and believe us, our products will make you happy far more longer. Nowadays towel rail radiators from Genesis Aqua are optimal reason for high quality and moderate price. In fact our towel rails stay at the budgetary segment and make a serious competition to the expensive European products. Trust us, our towel rails of such level you will not find anywhere else!

Genesis Aqua makes various towel rails. For those, who wants to use them as a heating device, unusual designer decision and even element of decor, we offer horizontal under window. They carry out the function of radiator and towel rails. Usually they are large and can work with water or electricity. They perfectly will suit not only for bathrooms but also for kitchens or even cloak-rooms, as such models are subzero enough in fact.

Towel rails of this type will make you happy by various color-models. Also by possibility to heat any apartment, where it is impossible to setup ordinary heating. If you have not enough place in your room, use vertical towel rails. They are applied wherein a place is not enough, but heating is needed. They are very practical. Interesting designer decisions will allow to decorate a room and even to extend space.

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